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You Can Reverse Your PCOS Symptoms, Naturally!

There’s a widely and long-held belief that women’s bodies are problematic, that painful periods, bloating, acne, unexplained and unwanted weight gain, erratic mood swings, low sex drives, lack of orgasm, and even infertility,  are part and parcel of being a woman.

There’s another persistent belief that women over 35 and women with bigger bodies are unhealthy, are less capable of having healthy pregnancies and babies, and/or are often considered “geriatric” in medical settings, in addition to being ignored, mistreated, and outright discriminated against.

These myths are preventing women from enjoying their bodies, trusting their intuition and living their best lives.

Much of what we know and understand about women’s reproductive health comes from a male-centered and dominated medical space that has never really considered a woman’s unique biology and physiology in the history of medicine and scientific studies. And yet, we continue to put our complete trust in a system that doesn’t fully comprehend women’s bodies. When women are liberated from the social conditioning keeping them from living the fullest versions of themselves, they trade mood swings, PMS, painful periods, and infertility for increased libido, juiciness, and vitality.

I’m Melissa Danielle, and I show self-driven women over 35 how to reverse their PCOS symptoms naturally while enjoying life in the process.

To be clear, I’m not against medicine and science. Medicine has its place, and science teaches us so much about the world around us. But there has to be a balance, and that can only happen when women feel safe to express their concerns, are listened to, and are encouraged to trust their inner wisdom. I offer women informed choice through carefully screened and evidence-based resources, tools, and recommendations which they can use to empower themselves and facilitate healing.

PMS & Period Pain Relief

You may have heard that “periods aren’t medically necessary”. Well that’s true — if you’re taking hormonal birth control. Otherwise, your period is one of your body’s vital signs of overall health. PMS and period pain is your womb’s way of telling you that something is out of balance in your diet, mental and emotional states, environment, and/or lifestyle. When you identify the cause, you can correct the imbalance. I recommend Fertile Womb Lifestyle’s 5 Tips for Period Pain Relief and Happy Yoni Herb Blend Tea, and Lara Briden’s The Period Repair Manual for every woman who wants to understand and rebalance her period.

PCOS Support

PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome is a hormonal imbalance with an ill-fitted name that affects thousands of women in the childbearing year. The symptoms vary based on the underlying cause, but women with this disorder typically experience disrupted ovulation and intermittment to no menstrual cycles. If you’re trying to conceive, you can go the medical route and get treated by an endocrinologist or fertility specialist, who will treat your symptoms with prescription medication and/or invasive treatments such as IVF.

If you’d like to understand the the underlying cause of PCOS and how to address it naturally, I can help. PCOS has several underlying causes, but I primarily support women with who have androgen excess (accompanied by insulin resistance) and inflammation (brought on by diet and stress).

Preconception Health & Pregnancy

If you’re over 35, you’ve probably heard that women your age are more likely to have trouble conceiving, and experience higher incidences of miscarriage or birth defects when you do, because your eggs are “old”. But is this true? I believe that when we stop taking care of ourselves, when we stop being curious about life and what turns us on, when we are just going through the motions, that is how we age.

If you’re trying to conceive and want to prepare your body naturally for conception and overall health through diet and lifestyle, I invite you to read Taking Charge of Your Fertility. The author, Toni Weschler will show you how to regain control of your reproductive help, including natural solutions for birth control, infertility, and conception health. If you’d like to take it a step further, I highly recommend Dr. Marc Sklar, aka The Fertility Expert’s program, My Fertility School. During this program, you’ll develop an understanding of what’s happening in your body along with the exact protocol he uses in his practice to help women improve their fertility and conceive naturally.

If you live in Hawaii and would like support throughout your conception, pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, click here to learn about my doula services.

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