Become a PCOS Health Coach

While awareness and advocacy for PCOS is growing, we still have a ways to go with getting women the comprehensive and continuous healthcare along with the compassionate support they need to become the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves.

This is where you come in.

If you’re passionate about helping women like yourself reverse their PCOS symptoms so that they can get their periods back, restore their fertility for optimal health, and get pregnant (if they want to), I invite you to become a PCOS Health Coach through the Integrative Women’s Health Institute’s Integrative Women’s Health Coach Certification Program.

As an Integrative Women’s Health Coach, you can help women address the underlying causes of their health concerns using functional medicine and evidence-based health coaching.

Health Coaching is a dynamic and fast-growing field with endless opportunities. Health Coaches work in private practice, in doctor’s offices, wellness centers, as part of corporate wellness teams, and much more. Health coaching complements yoga, personal training, nursing, massage therapy, psychotherapy, social work, and just about any profession that involves health promotion and overall well-being.

With this training, you can specialize in PCOS as well as support women’s reproductive wellness across the spectrum and make more impact as a PCOS advocate.

The Integrative Women’s Health Coach Certification Program is delivered online, and is the only health coach certification program in the world with a specialty focus on women’s health, that is approved by the third-party, ICHWC. This program provides an in-depth education in health coaching communication skills, and functional nutrition for women’s health.  It includes 3 virtual health coaching skills mastery retreats, and bi-weekly videoconference calls with IWHI faculty.

Click here to watch Integrative Women’s Health Institute’s free webinar, 3 Steps to Building Your Integrative Women’s Health Practice By Getting Your Patients and Clients Healthy From The ROOT CAUSE.


As a referral partner for Integrative Women’s Health Institute, I may receive a commission from anyone who enrolls via the link shared above.